Pinterest and classrooms

I love Pinterest, I’m not going to lie. It’s one of the first places I check for ideas for creative activities, and I find it especially good for Fine Motor skills activities. 

However, in that way that all social media seems to do, it sometimes makes me feel inadequate. Even though I’m an outstanding teacher, the fact that my classroom doesn’t look like one of those beautifully tidy, neutrally hessian covered classrooms sometimes makes me feel a bit rubbish. I have to remind myself that I work in a large school over seas and think through all the challenges that brings. I can’t have a beautifully neutral classroom because redigning thirteen Reception classrooms is a challenge and a half. 

So when I went looking for ideas for my role play area for our topic of Fairy Tales this term I approached Pinterest with some trepidation. I saw some beautiful fairy tale castles. But they required a LOT of cardboard boxes (surprisingly hard to source in Kuwait) and a lot of adult involvement. I’m not even remotely crafty so I knew I’d find it difficult. The best way to approach this was to get the children to do it. So that’s exactly what I did. 

The castle definitely doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen on Pinterest but it’s definitely all child made. They made, cut and stuck up the bricks. They wanted to make a door, and a tower and a moat and a drawbridge. We had lots of discussions about how to approach the problems, and they used load of new vocabulary words. I’d count that as a successful EYFS lesson!