Updates on both life and school

So it’s bean a long time since my last post. A lot has changed, both schools and countries. I’m out in Kuwait now, which in terms of geography is pretty similar to Sharjah; lots of sand and lots of beige buildings. But the schools couldn’t be more different. My new school is enormous! I’m one of thirteen Reception classes. Sometimes I feel like a small cog in a big wheel, but I can definitely tell the difference now I’m working in an outstanding school. 

Of course there are good points and bad points: a school wide push on uniform presentation? Good! Winter uniform which has blazers, jumpers and ties for four year olds? I will admit this drives me slightly crazy. 

I enjoy the planning as well. It’s a good mix between having a structure (mostly for phonics and maths), and having the freedom to plan my own week’s activities based on my own class’s interests. There’s a big focus on Talk for Writing which I love and I’m finding so effective. 

I’m feeling inspired with teaching, and enjoying it so much I want to renew my focus on this blog. Mostly just for me, as a way to document my times teaching abroad, but also as a way to record what I’ve enjoyed most about the classrooms. 


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