Playdough Aliens

Golden time is my favourite time of the week. It’s the time where I get to experience continuous provision and I always have so much fun. 

This was the last Thursday of term, party day, and my playdough was looking past its best (the AC and the heat so funny things to playdough) so I put googly eyes and sequins out for the children to make playdough aliens. They LOVED it so much and the language they were using was brilliant. 

They started talking about how one little girl’s alien was sad and I asked why. She said it was because he missed his mummy and couldn’t go home (the fact that we’d read ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers the day before is not a coincidence!). So I asked how we could help him get home. They said they wanted to build a rocket so I grabbed some clipboards and headed to the carpet and started planning the rocket I was going to build. In true ABCdoes style the children followed and started working all together to build a rocket.



One boy in particular didn’t want to build with the duplo. He drew for me what he wanted to build, wrote a list of things he needed and asked what he could use to make it. I hauled out my junk modelling box and they all got to work making rockets. 

I had so much fun and the children did too. I managed to cover so many creative, language and PSED objectives (maths in continuous provision still scares me!). It makes me want to have golden time all day every day but alas the higher ups do not approve. It has inspired me to put a junk modelling table in my classroom which I’m sure they will love. 



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