Turkey Basters


These may be the best things I’ve ever bought. I got them just after Christmas in Wilkos for a pound each.

 The children love them. They call them “squeezers” and ask for them nearly every day. Today I put them out in the water box (as close as a water tray that I can get) with some bowls. I spent some time challenging the children to try to fill the bowls and make them sink. They loved it and there was some great capacity related language going on. They did not manage to make them sink, mostly because they kept tipping all the water out to fill them up again. 

They are great for fine motor skills. Some children use their whole hand and some use fingers in more of a pinching movement. 

In the past they’ve used them for putting water all over the floor and for watering plants. I want to use them for paint but I’m worried I might ruin them. 

Another brilliant idea that a boy had today was to take the rubber top off and make a “super long squeezer” by putting one vaster insde another. It was very popular; they all wanted a turn!


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